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DVD-Cloner can copy your DVD movie to DVD R/RW easily!
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DVD-Cloner Review
DVD-Cloner can copy your DVD movie to DVD R/RW easily.It only takes ONE CLICK to make a perfect DVD copy. Supports most of the popular DVD R/RW writers. With this software,you can get your DVD backup in 40-60 minutes and make complete 1:1 copies, entirely free from such restrictions as CSS encryption and regional codes. Alternatively, to save disc space, you can just copy your favorite chapters in the language and audio format that you want. Now DVD Cloner 3.30 released: 1 Improved decoding kernel, now V3.30 can defeat ALL new DVD protection mechanisms! 2 Added a "Full dvd disc copy" function .You can easily use the new function to copy any DVD disc block by block.The function can be used to rescue scratched DVDs as well. 3 Improved GUI for easier operation. 4 Fixed some bugs found in V3.20. Top 10 reasons to buy DVD-Cloner: 1.Super easy to use: Just one click and you can become a DVD backup expert. 2.Outstanding performance: High speed,perfect quality. 3.Protect your privacy: Perfect 1:1 copy,no watermark,no warning screen,make unlimited copies from a copy. 4.Support 6 clone modes:Movie complete copy ; Movie only copy;Movie Split to two D5 discs; Movie Complete copy to a D9,Movie Customized copy,Full dvd disc copy. You could choose any one you like. 5. Supports more DVD movies, such as the movies produced by SONY and Disney, which other dvd copy softwares cannot do. 6.Compress and backup existing DVD movies from hard disk. 7.Create Customized Copies: you can select your favorite title, chapter, subtitles or audio for copying.support preview. 8.Supports PAL, NTSC, DVD+-R/RW and most DVD players and burners. 9.Affordable pricenly 59.99,with free upgrade. 10 Money back guarantee: 30 days money back. All in all,dvd-cloner is your best choise to copy dvd.It is a full featured and easy-to-use software.It provides just what you want.Anyone can use it to make perfect copies of DVD movies with just one click.

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