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Pink Calendar is an easy to use Calendar and Day Planner program
Assign tasks, send messages, create reminders and notes with two mouse clicks.
Desktop calendar and planner will help you manage appointments and to-do lists
Active desktop calendar just over wallpaper. Useful to-do list
Genuine electronic task scheduler. Efficient and handy.
Keep track of important events through pop-up, e-mail or sms notifications.
This is a personal organizer for those who value their information.
A Complete Business And Personal Information Manager
Repeating alarms at many intervals display msgs, play sounds, send mail, run app
Easy and powerfull organaizer, with powerfull search, backup/restotre and more
This program works as a notebook with tree-like structure of organization.
Customizable Calendar Reminder with Photos. Printable Desktop Calendars.
With KroxusPIM you can make sticky notes on your desktop or make custom reminder
AlfaClock is a handy taskbar clock with powerful capabilities and stylish design
Create non-annoying reminders and make desktop notes with only two mouse clicks.
Synchronize any Desktop database like Mdb,Oracle,MySQL with Pocket PC Contacts.
Put scraps of virtual paper on your desktop with the simplicity of pen and paper
Info tree PIM and personal organizer for desktop and USB Flash Drive
Organizing notes in an outline tree form with document password protection
Advanced Phonebook Manager!
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