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remove traces of your recently accessed files, internet activities, e-mail communications, chats

Internet Privacy Pro 2.0 is a powerful and flexible Privacy program meant to be deployed on a single user stand alone PC or Laptop and can be used online or offline.
Internet Privacy Pro offers a wide variety of privacy features, including secure deletion, swap file deletion, cookie management etc. as well as custom folder locations and more. Internet Privacy Pro offers a tabbed interface that categorizes the available cleaning tasks and allows you to select which cleaning operations to perform.

Internet Privacy Pro
  Manufacturer :
Internet Privacy Pro  
  Version :  2.0  
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  OS: Windows 9x/2000/ XP
supports IE, Netscape, Opera and AOL.
  Price : $69.95


Microsoft Windows Options
Erase Windows Swap Files
Erase Windows Temporary Files
Erase Windows Clipboard Data
Erase Windows Registry MRU
Erase Windows Registry Streams
Erase Windows Application Log WIN95/98
Erase Windows Media Player History
Erase Windows My Documents
Erase Windows Common Dialog History
Erase Windows Recycle Bin
Windows Recycle Bin - Hot Key

Start Menu Options
Erase Recent Documents List
Erase Run Program History
Erase Start Menu Order History
Erase Start Menu Click History
Erase Find Computer History
Erase Find Files History

Microsoft Internet Explorer Options
Erase URL List From Address Bar
Erase Visited URL History Files
Erase Temporary Internet Files
Internet Explorer Prevent Changing Home Page
Erase Auto Complete Form and Passwords
Erase Favorites URL
Erase Index.dat
Erase Internet Explorer Cookies
Erase Download Components

Netscape Navigator 3+ Options
Erase URL's List From Address Bar
Erase Visited URL History Files
Erase Temporary Internet Files
Erase Netscape Navigator Cookies

Email Options
Outlook Express
Netscape Navigator Mail

Instant Messaging

AOL Browser
Erase Browser URL List From Address Bar
Erase visited URL History Files
Erase Temporary Internet Files
Erase Auto Complete Form and Password
Erase index.dat Files
Erase AOL Cookies

Erase URL List From Address Bar
Erase Visited URL History Files
Erase Opera Cookies
Erase Opera Cache
Erase Auto complete

General Options
Display Detailed Log Operations
Display Splash Screen on Start
Auto Start in Systems Tray on Boot Up
Start in Minimized Mode
Show Tips
Start in Stealth Mode
Auto Refresh
Registry Backup WIN95/98
Security Mode

Custom Options
Custom Files
Custom Files Contents
Custom Folders
Custom Folder Scans
Custom Plugins

Drive Options
Drive Scanning
File Masks
Scramble Attributes
FREE Space Scan
Enable Free Space Elimination
High-Performance Mode
Directory Structures
File Structures

Disable "Change Password" Button
Disable "Properties" When You Right Click On Your Desktop
Disable Find Files or Folders
Disable "Lock Computer" Button
Disable Right click on Taskbar
Disable "Shut Down" Button
Disable Task Manager

Internet Privacy Pro
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